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Why don't I find the EPFL EMBA program in MBA ranking lists? 

A minimum of 50 students per class is required to allow an MBA program to enter an international ranking. Our program will never be this size, as we insist upon having classes specifically designed for highly personalized one-to-one interactions (max. of 36 students per year).

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The value of this program is far greater than a cumulative learning of modules you could find elsewhere online!

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Value Chain Data Technologies

4 x 3 days -- Th, Fr, Sa

12 on-campus days at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland

Credits: 14 ECTS
Location: EPFL Campus, Lausanne

Price: 9800 CHF*
*Introductory price 

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Value Chain Data Technologies 
3-Month part-time course at EPFL

As a middle or senior Manager in the private, public or non-governmental sector, does any of the following resonate with you?

How is our course unique?

We address the doers of the organisation; operations people are problem solvers and that is highly valued at EPFL. Being a highly ranked Technical University, we teach you “how it works” and “how to make it work”. 

Many of the cutting-edge data technologies are being built on our EPFL campus and our unit has had over 30 years’ experience studying Global Supply Chains. This means we not only have a wealth of Academic and Industry expertise to help us build a pragmatic program, we have a wonderful Alumni network to support you on your path. 

This CAS is part of a program suite towards Sustainable Resilient Value Chains which is part of EPFLs Sustainability and Climate Strategy so you can be sure you are taking a step in the right direction.

  • You find the rapid digital transformation and buzz about AI interesting and wonder how you could leverage it in your organization given its complexity

  • You think that there is an overall knowledge and skill gap to leverage digitalization for end-to-end connectivity in your organization’s value chain

  • You are a problem solver and finding solutions that have a positive environmental and social impact motivates you

  • You and your team have rich business operations experience, but feel you are missing data technology expertise to build a smart sustainable value chain

  • You want to use your skills and expertise to do something more meaningful in your professional life

Join us at EPFL Executive Education SRVC to bridge that knowledge gap and leverage experience and skills to trailblaze the path to this dual transition.

What will I learn?
You don’t need to be an engineer, in this course we dive into the detail but not too deep. The desired learning outcome is knowing what questions to ask within organisations and what the answers would imply in terms of appropriate data technologies solutions in order to have the right conversations with the right people/experts for responsible decision-making and effective execution.

We provide participants with an understanding of the importance of unlocking data value in manufacturing and supply systems, the principles and challenges related to it. Participants will unlock the mystery of IoT and AI, embrace the importance of data integrity, secure data sharing and analytics and be inspired by many real life implementation case studies.

You will study at EPFL, engage with world-class professors & leading industry experts, and build a niche professional network.

Value Chain Data Technologies

Executive Education program at EPFL:
3-Month part-time program

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Value Chain Data Technologies 
3-Month part-time course at EPFL

The 12 take-aways of your 5-days immersion program at EPFL:

Judge how traditional key institutions have adapted to the digital transformation of the financial services industry.

Feel comfortable discussing the technologies that have started disrupting the banking world in recent years.

Identify what machine learning can do with data available in your organization.

Classify the main crypto assets and their particularities.

Learn how the cloud can be used as an enabler for technology and how to ensure data remains protected and secured.

Experience the client-centric approach that has made many FinTech firms so successful.

Use the right technical jargon and buzzwords to increase your impact in the decision-making process.

Understand the regulatory landscape to exploit maximal innovation while respecting the law.

Know the tools to strengthen your leadership role and successfully implement new ideas in your institution.

Become an enabler of successful implementations by using modern processes.

Determine how your organization can build a systematic “entrepreneurial” capability by identifying technology-enabled growth opportunities.

Get a feeling of what technology has in store for the next decade and how a future banking world might look.













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10 seats available 
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Last seats for October 2023
  • IoT and industrial IoT system design, unpacking the technology stack & communications
  • Case Studies and application oriented IoT designs

Internet of Things (IoT)

Digital Twins for a Sustainable Economy & Society

  • Digital Twins case studies for products, processes & performance
  • Potential and limits to meet SDG goals with digital twins

Industrial AI & Analytics

  • Analytics & Prognostics: Components, Machines & Systems
  • Innovation using Industrial AI & Green transition case studies
  • AI algorithms in practice
  • AI driven transportation
  • Smart factory field visits


Data Security & Human Trust

  • Protection: trust certs, cryptography , authentication, identification
  • Zero trust architectures, encryption, Blockchains, Smart Contracts
  • Senior Industry experts share data technology implementation case studies

Technology Applied

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The world has woken up to the crucial role of Operations professionals in bringing smart sustainable solutions to the decision table

You are a problem solver who gets the job done every day from procurement to manufacturing, supply chain, planning, quality, sales, logistics and customer experience.

Now, there is a global problem to solve and your skills and experience are needed.

Digital Transformation done the right way, with people and collaboration at the centre, is the road to Green Transformation

3 seats left for August 2020 intake

Eugene de Groot
Head of Executive

Meet our Value Chain Data Technologies Executive Education Team!

Elaine Moran
Executive Director

Cristina Martinucci

Christiane Wahl
Program Administrator

Prof. Dimitris Kiritsis
Academic Director

Ana Caldas
Program Coordinator

OK I am very interested, but am I eligible for this program?

This program is intended for experienced professionals from any role along the complete value chain:

  • Supply Chain / Value Chain Management
  • ITC
  • Innovation
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety and Compliance

We would be happy to explore your eligibility for the program with you and in turn assess if it is the right program for you. Simply request the information pack below, share your LinkedIn profile with us and will come back to you soon

Last seat for October 2023, inquire now!